8 chocolatey honeycomb biscuit squares


These are so tasty!  We make CJ’s digestives, CJ’s honeycomb and mix with a chocolatey, buttery syrup mixture to form a “refridgerator cake” which we then coat in milk chocolate.  It’s certainly sweet but has a salty crunch to it too.

Ingredients:  oats, butter (MILK), sugar, treacle, cocoa powder, milk chocolate , Golden(MILK) Syrup, MILK, bicarbonate of soda, salt,

All our cakes and bakes are baked to order; we don’t actually hold them in stock!

Please note: CJ’s bakery is a training facility that handles milk, cereals containing gluten, nuts, sesame, soya, eggs and other allergens. Therefore, we cannot guarantee that our food is free from cross-contamination.

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